Frequently asked questions

How do I apply for a position?

All of our current vacancies are displayed on our Vacancies list. Simply click on the position you wish to apply for and select the APPLY NOW button at the bottom, which will take you to our application form. We are always happy to hear from prospective candidates, so even if there is not a specific job vacancy you are interested in at present we would like to hear from you so we can contact you regarding future vacancies. Please visit our Contact Us section and tell us about yourself.

I have sent in my job application, what happens next?

All applications received will be screened against the criteria for the job. This will involve reviewing your skills and knowledge as demonstrated by your qualifications and previous experience, and based on this it will be decided whether you will be invited for a job interview.

I sent in an application but I have not heard anything back?

We receive many job applications for each role that we advertise, therefore, it would not be possible to interview every candidate who applies. For each position we create a shortlist of the candidates who appear to be most suitable and invite them for interview.

How will I be contacted to organise an interview?

We will usually contact you by telephone or email to arrange a job interview. If we can’t get hold of you either of these ways, we will write to you, but this is obviously slower. When we advertise a vacancy, we are usually keen to fill it as quickly as we can. Please ensure that the contact details you provide us as part of your application are up to date so that we will be able to make contact with you easily.

What happens to my details after?

Sometimes we meet with somebody who is not quite right for the role that was advertised, but who we feel could be a very good fit should the right position become available at Wentworth. We keep a talent bank of these candidates and draw on this when an opportunity becomes available that we feel will be suitable.

What happens next if I have been successful at the interview stage?

If you are successful at the interview stage, you will initially be told informally that you have got the job. Your job offer is confirmed once you receive a letter and contract from the Human Resources department detailing all of the arrangements for your new job.