Gender Pay Gap Report

As a business Wentworth Club aspires to be the world’s premier private golf and country club. We recognize that our employees are our greatest asset and play a fundamental role in the club achieving its vision. Therefore, we strive on creating a high performing team that is diverse, fair and inclusive. We are committed to building a company where all employees feel valued and welcome regardless of their ethnicity, gender, age, disability or religion.

As an equal opportunities employer, we have created a structured pay scale that pays our employees by their position and that employees pay and bonus should be a reflection of performance over any other factor.

We believe that the Gender Pay Gap reporting is an important step in ensuring we continue to create a diverse, fair and inclusive environment for our employees and encourages greater equality in the workplace.

Our Gender Pay Gap Report suggests that we have areas where we can do more to support gender equality. Currently, our workforce is made up of 63% male employees and 37% females. This has had a big impact on the overall statistics. However, we need to analyse the data in detail to understand the reasons behind some of the gaps. This will allow us to build an action plan which will help us improve our Gender Pay Gap.

To help improve our pay gap, we will continue to:

Provide access to training and development opportunities to
encourage and promote progression into more senior roles.

Continue to ensure our HR policies encourage and support diversity
in the workplace through practices such as flexible working.

We will continue to attract and recruit the best person for all our positions
regardless of gender but always based on experience, skills and attitude.

We will continue to review our pay scales both internally and externally.

Gender Pay and Bonus Gap

Difference between Men & WomenMeanMedian
Gender Pay Gap15%8%
Gender Bonus Gap5%0%

Employees who received bonus pay

Difference between Men & WomenFemalesMales
Bonus Pay100%100%

Pay Quartiles

This shows the proportion of males and females in each Quartile Pay Band.

FemalesMalesTotalFemale %Male %
Lower Quartile891001894753
Lower Middle Quartile2565902872
Upper Middle Quartile1552672278
Upper Quartile1431453169
Total Employees1432483913763