Wentworth Club is deeply committed to providing sustainable golf and hospitality. We pride ourselves as being officially recognised as one of the UK’s most sustainable and environmentally responsible golf clubs by achieving Golf Environment Organisation (GEO) Certified status.

In 2022, as part of the Club’s centenary commitments, we pledged to do all that we can to protect the legacy of golf and tennis for future generations whilst preserving and regenerating our grounds and courses, thus providing a positive and enduring impact on the land and our community.

Below outlines just some of the sustainable initiatives we have implemented at the Club and across our grounds.

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• We use GPS soil moisture data to guide us on irrigation requirements and location for accurate application.
• We are continuously working on getting our irrigation system to be more accurate to reduce unnecessary over-watering.
• We are speeding up LED lighting rollout and looking at installing light sensors in certain areas.
• We have reduced of the temperature of our server room to save energy.
• We have been trialling electric vehicles and in 2023 we will take delivery of the first 6 electric greens mowers in the UK.


• To minimise our waste and improve recycling methods we have installed designated waste bins throughout our offices, and we are continually improving employee awareness with information and training. All rubbish is sorted into plastics, paper, cans and general waste and then disposed into the designated bins.
• Recycle bins have been installed on the Courses.
• All oils and chemical containers get collected and disposed of sustainably on a bi-annual basis.
• Monthly tracking of our CO2 output. 70% of our waste is currently recycled.
• Food waste collected and used as an input to generate electricity off-site.
• Use of large size refillable bathroom toiletry bottles in our suites.


• Vegan and vegetarian menu items available.
• We source locally and responsibly.
• We have a kitchen garden where the home-grown produce is utilised by our Executive Head Chef throughout our menus.


• We have beehives on site that are maintained by professional beekeepers. The honey is used by our Chef throughout our menus.
• We have introduced wild meadow areas.
• We have installed bird boxes.
• We have significantly reduced the amount of rough we cut, these are mainly in, out-of-play areas and carries. Initially this has had a positive impact on aesthetics and has reduced our fuel consumption, fertiliser input and irrigation requirements. Additionally, we are creating habitats corridors for wildlife, and we have seen natural re-establishment of native plants such as gorse, broom and heather.
• The selection of grass species we use is key to ensure we use the best grass for our courses in terms of playability and to reduce fertiliser and irrigation requirements.
• Stored timber is collected bi-annually and taken away to be used as biofuel.
• We make use of a chipper to produce woodchip that can be reused as bedding material.
• We have reduced broad leaf trees (mainly Silver Birch) which helps restore rare habitats such as heathland on the golf courses.
• We create log walls & piles/bug hotels around the courses from felled trees. This provides food and shelter for insects such as stag beetles, and eventually adds to the food web for birds and animals that may cause damage to the golf course such as badgers.
• We maintain the heather better on our nature reserve. This allows us to get a source of heather to transplant onto the golf courses to increase biodiversity areas across the courses.


• We have removed single use plastics from our staff canteen and our Members Gym.
• We focus on partnering with sustainable suppliers where possible, especially for print products ensuring paper is FSC certified.
• We have moved from plastic to recyclable paper bags in our Pro-Shop.
• We are investigating sustainable clothing brands for our Pro-shop.
• All our golf tees will shortly be Bamboo as we move away from wood.
• We continually evaluate our supply chain to reduce our carbon footprint.


• Officially recognised as one of the UK’s most sustainable and environmentally responsible golf clubs by achieving Golf Environment Organisation (GEO) Certified status.
• The Club has a Sustainability Committee that works towards improving environmental standards across the Club.
• We work closely with partners such as R&A, European Tour and GEO Golf Foundation.
• We have a relationship with Surrey wildlife Trust who provide us with habitat surveys and aid with ongoing management plans.
• The Club has a charity, The Wentworth Tennis & Golf Foundation that supports Tennis and Golf Scholarships and provides a Tennis Outreach Programme at local schools which aims to protect the legacy of tennis and golf for future generations.
• The Club participates in the Cycle to Work Scheme.