Winter Skincare Tips

With the Winter here for a little while longer, I wanted to pass on my three top tips for skin health through these frosty months.

With the continued colder weather and central heating, your skin will become drier and often more sensitive. You need your skin barrier to be as healthy as possible so that it can retain vital moisture.  Skin should feel calm and hydrated after washing, if you are reaching immediately for your moisturiser you may want to consider a gentler cleanser. What we put in our bodies is also shown on our skin so make sure you keep hydrated during the day, swap your coffee for green tea which has great anti-oxidant effects.

Invest in a good lip balm! We have all been outdoors a lot this winter trying to keep moving so good protection of our lips is essential. Coconut oil or shea butter are two of the best ingredients for hydrated lips, you can even mix some coconut oil with a small amount of sugar for a lip exfoliant. Gently scrub the lips prior to applying your balm to enhance the benefits of these nourishing ingredients.

Do not overload your skin. While our skin is probably feeling at its driest through these months, it is still important not to overuse your products. Putting on moisturiser in extra thick doses can have adverse effects on skin health. Instead of using more product, layer your skincare by doubling up with a serum and moisturiser to lock in that moisture for the day, or blend an oil and moisturiser for a great night time treatment.

Personal Skincare Consultations

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